• Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Affiliate Professor, Research Center, CHU Sainte-Justine, Technopole in Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Research Chair in Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies, TransMedTech Institute (iTMT)
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Visiting researcher
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering,Université de Montréal, Member
  • The Institute for Engineering of Interactive Technologies in Rehabilitation (INTER-Ingénierie de Technologies Interactives en Réadaptation), Member


Abolfazl Mohebbi obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Iran, in 2009. He received a Master's degree from Concordia University (2013) and a Doctorate degree from Polytechnique Montreal (2017) both in in Mechanical Engineering with the specializations in robotics, control and mechatronics.

After holding industrial positions for almost three years, he returned to the academia as a postdoctoral researcher until 2020. As a postdoctoral fellow at McGill and Harvard University, his research activities were focused on various fields of Biomedical Engineering, Neuromuscular Control, Assistive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Abolfazl Mohebbi is now an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Polytechnique Montréal. He also holds the Chair in Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies, co-founded by the TransMedTech Institute (iTMT) of Polytechnique Montréal, the CHU Sainte-Justine research center and the Technopole in Pediatric Rehabilitation.


  • (2019-2020) Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA.
  • (2017-2019) Postdoctoral Researcher, Biomedical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • (2018-2019) Deep Learning Scientist at CoSIM Lab, Polytechnique Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • (2016-2019) Senior Control System Developer at Kinova Robotics, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada.
  • (2016-2016) Research Scientist at VRVANA Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • (2007-2010) Mechatronics Engineer at Pouya Robot Arya Co., Isfahan, Iran.

Research Interests

  • Neuromuscular Control and Rehabilitation
  • Biomechatronics, Wearable devices and sensors
  • Mechatronic Prosthetics, Orthosis and Exoskeletons
  • Medical and Assistive Robotics
  • Control Systems, System Identification
  • Robot Vision, Visual Servoing
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence


I often involve myself in reading from various topics and subjects. However, I am more specifically interested in History and Philosophy of Science, Psychoanalytics, Sociology and Computational Social Sciences.
I am a PPL Pilot in training at the ALM flight school, Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil Aeroport, QC.
I play soccer and tennis occasionally. I am a fan of #TeamMelli.
As a youngster, I acquired skills in solfège as part of the classic vocal training. I sing in the showers nowadays.